Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Florida Attorney Arrested Trying to Purchase Cocaine

By Unknown, U.S. Government photo available through the National Archives [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We hate reporting items like this, but we feel it is part of our mission to raise awareness of substance abuse and addiction in the legal community. 

Earlier this month a Florida attorney was arrested after he tried to purchase cocaine from an undercover Florida State University police officer. The story is here.

In the late afternoon, the attorney is accused of getting into a car with the undercover officer and trying to buy $800 worth of cocaine - abouit 10 grams. It is important to note that an arrest is not a conviction, and he has pled non-guilty. We make no judgments about the attorney. He is innocent until proved guilty.

For everyone else in the legal profession, remember that we attorneys face tremendous stress as part of our every day work. Perhaps as a consequence, attorneys as a profession suffer higher rates of alcohol abuse and addiction than the general public. Additionally, when attorneys turn to illegal drugs, the substance of choice is normally cocaine.  

That's why most states require attorneys to complete continuing legal education in the prevention of substance abuse. 

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